Thanks everyone

I just decided to look around my settings and saw the most incredible thing ever. I’m known world wide. I can’t believe it. I’m so excited. People from all over the world are looking at my blog. What a thrill this is.
I will like to thank everyone from all over the world for visiting my page. You all surprise me with your presence. Thank you world wide readers. I’m so grateful for all the views. The word is wow. I have only heard of your countries on the news, but looking at that you all are visiting my site is so exciting to me. Take care and have a great day. I’m so happy and you all made my day. :-)

Demeaning reviews

I think that many negative reviews is due to the envy that some feel, because one author is getting more attention for their work. Having five stars can hurt many that don’t have one. I don’t listen to reviews, but know the intentions behind them. Abuse is never a good review. It’s personal. When people degrade other people’s work that says something about a person. It always shows what type of person they really are. Advertising on about other people on a review that is meant for someone is very low class as well.

About my ebook reviews

About my reviews I don’t need them. Don’t spew your dislike of my work. Instead you may choose not to read it. Negative reviews only show the type of person you are it doesn’t reflect on me. Don’t ruin it for the nice people that really enjoy reading my work. Your negative reviews don’t enhance my career. I only write for the joy of writing.

What is your definition of success

Hello everyone.
My definition of success is as follow. Accomplishment, Goals, Achievement, Determination, Motivation to keep on succeeding. When I began to write I never thought of that I would be an author. One day I decided to publish my photography book. That was the beginning for me. Once I did that I wasn’t afraid of success. I knew that I had entered a door that not many will ever dare to open. When that door opened I knew that there was no stopping what I was feeling inside. I knew that I wanted more. I knew that I could do anything. Anything was possible. Success begins with mastering your fears. If you let your fears engulf you then you won’t succeed in life. You can’t just think of something to do. You have to take action and go for it. This is success for me.

My decision

A few months I decided to discontinue going to the forums, because I couldn’t find answers to some of my questions. All I kept seeing was many questions, but no answer. I decided to go and answer most to the best of my ability.
I don’t know if I have all the answers to most questions on forums, but I guess this is why many go to them to find out answers of any kind. I’m glad to be able to at least join some of these forums. I’m grateful for the opportunity.

One fun song


I still remember this song. It was one of those songs that came out when I was beginning to enjoy my youth. I loved the times when everything was new. I still had many things to get done in my life, but I was happy trying to do them along the way.