One thing I’m learning

I belong to a few forums on writing and I enjoy some of the topics they have. Reading along I come across some people that just don’t seem right. Their motive for being in those forums is to put others down. There are so many people in some of those forums that seem very lost when it comes to sharing their views on writing.

Some of these people get caught up on certain webs that negative people throw at them and forget it. The thread fights that begin are very hilarious. It’s like throwing a kitten in a box full of dogs. Another thing I notice is that they seem to not know what they are doing. Some are authors, but for some reason they have more questions than a first grader. Once you answer their question they come out real loud like they already know the answer and don’t want your answer.

I just keep reading along. Like walking, walking, walking. When I see their response I’m always glad that I didn’t even try to answer their posts. Wow. There is one question that no one dares to ask in those forums. I have one, but don’t dare to ask, because I feel like they are going to bite my head off.

The question is as follow. Everyone asks how can they market to sell more books. My question is what do people have to offer others. I have solutions to certain questions on my books. I have written some books on exercise and wish that one day I can help someone with their obesity. I wish to make an impact on people. I don’t want to be like some exercise masters out there. I just wish to share how easy exercise can be. This is what I explain in some of my books.

I have some other fictional books as well, but they are not about exercise they are just stories. The others are kind of like autobiographies more personal. I hope to make a difference in the lives of the people that read my work. Like a little ray of light. Maybe there is an answer they didn’t know before. This is my wish. Not many people write what they want to do with their books. I have a goal and my goal is to share stories. Inspire, motivate. I don’t know if anyone in those forums will ever think about what a book can do for someone. Other than making a sale.