I was watching the news last night and there was a lady speaking about her child. She said her child was special. I have always thought that any child can develop special skills if they have support.

There are only a few that have developed this skills and it would be so nice if the rest could catch up. When I learned that I had problems in school it was very depressing. I grew up wanting to get out of that hole.

It’s not easy when all of your teachers think that you are retarded instead of knowing that there are different ways to learn. I had to be very patient with myself, because reading things and not being able to remember what I read was awful.

I learned as the years went by that I needed to look at life different. I didn’t think of myself as retarded, but as a person that couldn’t remember things even after I read them. I learned English when I was in the 4rth grade. My English is not perfect, but I understand everything I read now.

It’s true that my grammar is not perfect, but I work around everything that I can to get my message across. Maybe this is what makes me different from a lot of people out there. I decided that just because I have a learning disability this is not a failure. For me this is a rock that I push away when I want to keep walking.

I hope that there will be some type of help for the new generation. I heard that I’m not the only person in the world with a learning problem. It’s not what the problem can do, but how the problem is dealt with. Thank goodness for public libraries, because without them my tries of learning would not have been achieved.

Thanks for reading my work. :-)

Just saw this for this month

I always get happy when I see this about my work. It’s an accomplishment. I just wanted to share it here. Thanks to everyone for reading my work. I appreciate this very much. Have a great day.

Bestselling Books:The good Cat, How to be Self Disciplined, When your Mother dies.


My two completed projects

During the weekend I completed two short stories. I started to write them a few weeks ago, but every time I thought that I was going to finish them something always popped up. I kept getting distracted. Finally they are done. I’m still working on some of my other drawings too. I’m about to explore water color soon to see how my drawings do on the water colors. I’m looking forward to this.  This is my new writings:

Raguel 2 http://amzn.com/B00TBXQNW6

In this sequel Raguel helps Clarissa deal with the death of her two children.Raguel is placed in a tough situation when she turns into a boy to help a family in need.

Garbage http://amzn.com/B00TBM4FFO

This book is about what garbage means to some. Garbage has many meanings, but only can mean greatness to others. Creating a masterpiece can mean a great deal of dedication and determination. Being an artist takes hard work and dedication.

Thanks so much for reading my work. :-)


My great experience with Self Publishing

I Have read many forums that discourage people from self publishing. I usually leave those forums alone, because if I listened to those comments I would not have self publish my work at all.
Many claimed that you need to be famous to become a writer. I didn’t listen and I have many people reading my work. It’s not about being famous. It’s about writing and sharing your work with the world. This is my experience.
If I had listened to most of the people that called me illiterate I would not have completed my education or even thought about becoming an author. I never knew why I got so many negative comments from so many people. I guess they must have thought that I was not going to ever do anything productive with my life.
When you want to do something different with your life there will always be those that won’t have the same ideas like you. They won’t compliment you or inspire you. Instead they will mock everything you do just to look and feel good.
Life has many faces and you have to learn when not to take them all serious. Your success has to mean more to you than the negative comment anyone else has to offer. Your success is all yours. It’s your accomplishment. Every written book is an accomplishment.
If you have something special in mind then put it to paper. You never know it can be read by many. Put doubts aside and think of your success. Great success to everyone that is about to self publish their work.