Getting over feelings

There are some times when things in life can just drag you down. Sometimes those moments feel like they are never going to ease down. It’s like a flare up something in the brain that doesn’t feel better unless you do something about it.

I’m beginning to learn more about my brain and how I am able to deal with such problem. I’m also holding on to the moments when I most successful in my life. All of my accomplishments is what keeps me going these days.

I’m also learning that working hard is the only way to a better life. It does something great for the mind. It gives me hope that one day more doors will open in the future. I will also like to tell everyone how happy I am that they visit my blogs. I have two and usually I write things in both.

Thanks for the visit everyone. Have a great day.


I was just watching a video and thought of the reason why I decided to do the things I’m doing now. I decided to write because I needed to change my circumstance. My life hasn’t always been easy, but not everything is perfect. I became an author, because I thought I could do something different.

I thought of doing something to change everything in my life for the better. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do anything. I needed to bring every thought out into the space of pages. I read through comments that you have to be special to write or create any type of art. I thought ok.

I heard that you have to be well trained to do anything when it came to art so I thought alright. I heard you have to take courses to become a speaker about positive thinking so I thought well I can say anything positive. I have been living a positive life since I can remember.

I always wanted to write a book so I did. I wanted to publish my photography so that people could see my work and I could make some money. I have published my photography. I began to think I wondered if I could draw things even if it’s with some help from every day objects. I have published my art work in books now.

Was it easy? No. It was hard work. Was I scared? Yes a little. I have always been afraid of the things I have thought of. I was always afraid of taking that step forward to achieving anything. I was always afraid of not doing anything right or wrong. I guess this was my only doubt.

Then I began to look at videos of people that did things even if they thought they would fail and it gave me confidence that I could do anything. All I had to do was think of what I wanted to do and find a way to share it with the world. So I decided to write and publish my work.

My work is not just about stories, photography or art. My work is about the fear of failure. My main reason for everything I do is to show the world that I have overcome the fear that comes with wanting success in this world. When you read my work or see my art it’s not just looking at photographs, art or words. It’s about how far I have come from the first time I began to publish my work.

I was also afraid of taking courses due to my learning disability, but I said one day forget about this fear. If anyone else can go to college so can I. I took most of courses through correspondence and succeeded. I graduated with Honors. I became a member of: Delta Epsilon Tau Honor Society. I never thought I would reach this standard, but have done so.

I look back and wondered why was I so afraid. I knew of my learning disability, but I guess I hadn’t researched everything that I wanted to do. Until one day when I got hooked on reading about things positive thinking and overcoming fears of failure.

I thought I’m very brave and I will prove this to myself. I did. I got so many F’s in school when I was growing up, but for some reason I thought these F’s don’t represent me as a person and what I want to do with my life. I had to think things through as a kid.

I learned that I was not such a little kid after all. I may have been young and underage, but still within myself I had an understanding that I was going to do something extremely big with my life. I just didn’t know what, but I knew that I will have to learn about it first.

If I would have let all of those F’s represent me as an adult I would have been a terrible failure in everything. I would not have begun writing about anything on any blog.  This fear that I have overcome did not happen over night. I still remember waiting for the bus when I was in high school and when the rain was pouring I felt like an empty bag. I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

I knew there had to be something and it all began with a thought. What made me fear my own success or failure so much to not have tried earlier in life to pursue my educational goals or my career enthusiasm. Today I have achieved so much through fear and failures. I can’t stop now and won’t think of stopping.

This is the link of my fears and failures. I have overcome my fear so that I could share my work with the world through books.

My print books. My writings, photography, and art.

My ebooks.

Self Doubt

I was reading a message on a forum that I belong to and on that forum was a lady asking for opinions on her work. They claimed they had destroyed her mental state, because of that comment.

I had to add my own reply on that thought. This brings me back to when I was little. When I was young I use to get this ridiculous looks from teachers when I didn’t know something. That created a lot of self doubt, because I was always expecting the teachers to help me with school work.

I don’t know what happened along the way, but I learned that I wanted to do things on my own. As time went by and the years passed I dropped out of high school. Growing older and learning more about myself gave me more confidence, because I learned that it wasn’t my teacher’s faults that I couldn’t learn anything. It was me all me.

Time passed and finally I completed my high school diploma and later completed a course from college. I began to do things my way and stopped listening to the voices that told me I wasn’t good enough or worthy of anything. I just knew that I had to do something in life at least for myself.

All my life I thought I had to prove to others that I was able to carry my own weight, but through self doubt from others just made it difficult for me to believe in my own capabilities. I just wish some people would believe in themselves earlier in life instead of later.

Reading stories of other artists gave me more confidence in things that I thought about. I learned that when it comes to art that nothing is perfect. Everything looks normal and nothing is unacceptable. This is the reason why I believe so much in what I do.

I want to believe in everything I do now instead of someone else believing in something that I do after the centuries are over like with many artists. I want to see results now once I’m no longer in this earth I won’t care. It’s so weird how many people have been turned down in this world from musicians and artists and as the years go by they become famous.

I bet they were so filled with self doubt that it just probably destroyed their way of thinking. One thing they had in common with everyone else is that they never stopped trying. When you give up on a dream or desire to do something special then that is the end of your dreams.

I can’t stress this enough. I was called illiterate by someone once and that made me think of a lot of things. I thought well why would this person even call me that when they didn’t know what I had been through. It was up to me to absorb that comment and do with it what ever I wanted. I learned that no matter what no one will ever have that much power over me. No one should have that much power over anyone unless you let them.


I was watching the news last night and there was a lady speaking about her child. She said her child was special. I have always thought that any child can develop special skills if they have support.

There are only a few that have developed this skills and it would be so nice if the rest could catch up. When I learned that I had problems in school it was very depressing. I grew up wanting to get out of that hole.

It’s not easy when all of your teachers think that you are retarded instead of knowing that there are different ways to learn. I had to be very patient with myself, because reading things and not being able to remember what I read was awful.

I learned as the years went by that I needed to look at life different. I didn’t think of myself as retarded, but as a person that couldn’t remember things even after I read them. I learned English when I was in the 4rth grade. My English is not perfect, but I understand everything I read now.

It’s true that my grammar is not perfect, but I work around everything that I can to get my message across. Maybe this is what makes me different from a lot of people out there. I decided that just because I have a learning disability this is not a failure. For me this is a rock that I push away when I want to keep walking.

I hope that there will be some type of help for the new generation. I heard that I’m not the only person in the world with a learning problem. It’s not what the problem can do, but how the problem is dealt with. Thank goodness for public libraries, because without them my tries of learning would not have been achieved.

Thanks for reading my work. :-)

Just saw this for this month

I always get happy when I see this about my work. It’s an accomplishment. I just wanted to share it here. Thanks to everyone for reading my work. I appreciate this very much. Have a great day.

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